Survey Tool to Assess Grantee Voter Engagement Priorities

Contact information 

  1. Name of Organization: 
  2. Fiscal Sponsor (if applicable): 
  3. Person completing survey: 
  4. Email: 
  5. Executive Director: 
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About your voter engagement program 

  1. Please select the race & ethnicity of your target voter population(s): 
  • Asian 
  • Black/African American 
  • Indigenous 
  • Latinx 
  • Middle Eastern & North African 
  • Native/Tribal 
  • Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander
  • Other (please specify) 
  1. Based on PREVIOUS electoral programs, what areas in [ indicate region ] have you been able to reach? Please list below. 
  1. For this UPCOMING electoral program, what areas in [ indicate region ] are you intending to reach? Please list below. 
  1. Please outline your [ insert election year ] voter engagement plans in 3 bullet points. 
  1. Will your voter engagement program be addressing any local or state ballot measures? If so, please specify.

For private foundations, please reference guidance on ballot measures.

  1. Does your organization have a fundraising gap for your [ insert election year ] work? If so, please specify. 
  1. Anything else we should know about your [ insert election year ]: